BPA National Leadership Conference

April 26-30, 2023 (Anaheim, California)

Exploring the 2023 NLC

NLC Advisor Orientation

Conference Press Release

Local news outlets such as newspapers, radio or television stations, and even your school district’s communications office like to receive information about noteworthy student achievements. Use the press release template linked below to announce your chapter’s participation in the National Leadership Conference.

To distribute the press release:

Replace the indicated sections with the information needed to localize the announcement about your conference participant(s). If your school does not have a communications office that distributes press releases to local media, you can gather a list of media email addresses from news organizations’ websites. The best contact may be an education reporter, the managing editor, or an assignment editor.

Email the completed press release (and participant photographs with captions if you have images available for release). If you have not heard back from a reporter within a few days, call to confirm the press release was received, and offer to answer any questions the reporter or editor may have.

Download the NLC Press Release Template