Advisor Workshops


Breakfast with Certiport

Thursday • 9:00–9:50 am (TICKET REQUIRED) • Hilton: Pacific Ballroom A

Certiport, a Pearson VUE business, is the leading provider of certification exam development, delivery, and program management services delivered through an expansive network of over 15,000 Certiport Authorized Testing Centers worldwide. — Francie Stewart, Certiport

BusinessU: Biz Courses, Bellringers, and Balance Sheets

Thursday • 10:00–10:50 am • Marriott: Elite 2

BusinessU is a standards-based, interactive curriculum platform with full-year courses including Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Intro to Business, Personal Finance, Economics, Management, Finance, and MS Office Certification Prep. Each course provides lessons based on standards, video content presented from a group of young, diverse entrepreneurs, and summative (auto-graded) and formative (individual and group activities) assessments, projects, discussions, & exams. —Michael Lewis and Crystal Dortch, BusinessU

Career-Connected Classrooms: How YouScience Brightpath Aligns Student Learning and Industry Certifications with Aptitude and Career Discovery

Thursday • 11:00–11:50 am • Marriott: Elite 2

From the initial conception as an innovative aptitude-based career discovery tool to our Precision Exams by YouScience stackable industry certifications, we’ve revolutionized the way students, educators, and employers view talent and possibility. YouScience Brightpath gives educators and administrators the tools they need to measure student aptitudes (their natural talents) and analyze those along with their interests to create personalized pathways for school and life. —Marisa Littlefield, YouScience

Integrating Ethics into Middle and High School Classrooms

Thursday • 1:00 pm–1:50 pm • Marriott: Elite 2

Ethics is the foundation of great leadership. Teaching students to make good decisions based on a defined set of values helps form the core foundation of ethical leadership. The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative for Middle School and High School Programs delivers principle-based ethics education and reinforces the value of ethics in business and personal conduct. Learn about the ethics resources available through the Daniels Fund and access to numerous classroom resources, including course guides, lesson modules, and more! —Rick Mangini, MBA Research & Curriculum Center / Sheila Morris, BPA

Simulated Business Internships Your Students Will Love!

Friday • 8:00–8:50 am • Marriott: Elite 2

Are you looking for an innovative way to help your students gain valuable experience and build marketable skills? In this presentation, we will show you how Simternships provide a safe, low-risk environment for students to make mistakes, learn from them, and apply what they learn to real-world business scenarios. With a range of subjects to choose from, including Marketing, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, and more, Simternships can help your students stand out in a competitive job market and prepare them for successful careers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your CTE program with Simternships! —Virgil Ricks, Stukent

Excite Students with a Simulated Experiential Learning Tool

Friday • 10:00 am–10:50 am • Marriott: Elite 2

Learn how you can provide students opportunities to go hands-on through a simulated work environment. They’ll solve complex problems such as staffing, pricing, safety, and much more through simulations for food service, fashion,
hospitality, retailing, sports management, manufacturing, marketing, and financial literacy. See a brief demonstration and discover why one-third of all the high schools in the United States are engaging students with Knowledge Matters Virtual simulations. —Jim Schroeder, Knowledge Matters

Advisor Workshop: Save/Spend/Give: The Reason for Financial Wellness

11:00 am–11:50 am • Marriott: Marquis Ballroom - North

As a BPA member, you’ve been developing valuable skills to use as a business professional of tomorrow. Learn how the 3Nickels app can help you bolster life skills related to money. This interactive session is designed to introduce you to the app and demonstrate how you can use the education, tools, and advice within to make wise financial decisions. —John Shupe, GuidedChoice/3Nickels

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