Bring Your Talents to Our Team!


Bring Your Talents to Our Team!

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How can I help BPA?

Business Professionals of America is always in need of passionate and committed individuals who want to make a difference in the life of a student. Volunteering with BPA offers you that opportunity!

Together, we can inspire the next generation of business professionals to discover their passion and change the world. Business Professionals of America offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. From judging our competitive events to providing assistance during our state and local level events, we always have something going on and our team would love for you to be involved!

Volunteer as an Events Judge

Each year, students compete at regional and state levels to demonstrate their skills in over ninety different business areas.

The winners of the state contests are invited to the National Leadership Conference, where a number of the contest events are judged by local business leaders to impart a real world experience to the students.

Community professionals are needed to judge student presentations and projects in the areas of Finance, Business Administration, Management Information Systems/Information Technology, Marketing & Communications, Management and Digital Communication & Design.

Judging at a conference is an exciting, rewarding opportunity to mentor truly outstanding young people, and provides students with realistic expectations of the business world.

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Volunteer Locally

Business Professionals of America operates in over twenty states and we are always offering ways to interact with our team!

State Conferences
Become involved in a variety of activities include leading seminars and workshops; assisting in registration; proctoring, judging, or administering competitive events; chaperoning events, and more! Contact the BPA Advisor in your state to learn more and get involved.

Assistance to Chapter Advisors
Chapter advisors often appreciate the offer of assistance from local area volunteers. New advisors find it especially helpful to rely on community leaders and BPA alumni to aid them in:

  • Coordinating the activities of the local chapter
  • Assisting with committees
  • Forming a Business Professionals of America or CTE advisory committee
  • Sponsoring or chaperoning a field trip or conference trip
  • Serving as judges in local competitive events
  • Helping students prepare for competitive events
  • Participating in the student Special Olympics project
  • Serving as a guest speaker at regular meetings, banquets, and regional meetings
  • Presenting talks and workshops on career development and related topics
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Pictured Above: Titan BPA Members participate in Operation Clean Sweep.

More Ways to Volunteer with BPA

Remote Volunteer

Did you know BPA offers engagement experiences for volunteers to make a positive impact from the comfort of their own home? You can bring your dedication and commitment to the national level by supporting ongoing efforts to develop and empower rising student leaders through administrative services, outreach and engagement activities available throughout the year.

Special Events

Help coordinate a Special Event or Fundraiser in your local area. Bring together BPA alumni, local area businesses, and others to support the programs, services and scholarship opportunities for the students we serve. Coordinating a special event is an incredible opportunity to introduce your community to Business Professionals of America.

Friend raisers

Are you an alumni who is passionate about our organization and willing to help reconnect other alumni with BPA? Host a networking event at your home or business to re-engage alumni and ignite the business community. Contact us and we can provide you with marketing materials and share successful strategies that have been utilized.

More Information About Volunteer and Opportunities

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