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What are BPA's Events and Conferences?

Business Professionals of America conducts a number of events throughout each membership year at both the local and national levels for students, advisors, alumni and partners.

In addition to posting the program and event offerings to the calendar on our website, the National Association publishes and distributes a calendar of events poster at the beginning of each membership year which includes all information and dates we have received by August 1st.

It is recommended that members reference the information posted to the online Calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Fall, Regional and State Conferences

Throughout fall, winter and early spring, BPA regions and states hold their conferences for leadership development, competitions, awards, elections and more. Some states have all divisions together, some separately. Some states have a fall and winter/spring conference; some just have a winter/spring conference. For information on your region or state conferences and events, contact your state or local advisor

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National Leadership Conference

The National Leadership Conference is held annually during the month of April or May. The purpose of the National Leadership Conference is to provide delegates the opportunity to participate in educational workshops, hear nationally prominent speakers, elect student officers, participate in the competitive events program, make recommendations regarding policies, conduct the business of the organization, and participate in leadership programs.

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National Officer Summer Training

The National Officer Summer Training is held annually during the month of June or July. Newly elected national officer team members from the Secondary and Post-secondary Divisions meet under the direction of the National Center staff to train for their respective positions and goal-set for the upcoming membership year.

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Throughout the membership year, the National Association hosts a variety of educational webinars for students, advisors and alumni which cover an array of topics. Participants are encouraged to record their participation in each webinar through the BPA University online system.

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