Dress Code

General Information

Student members, advisors, and chaperones must follow the conference dress code, which promotes a professional atmosphere. It is also recommended that conference guests follow the dress code policy.

Professional Dress

Professional dress is required for all general sessions, competitive events (judged, non-judged, or open), campaign rallies, caucuses, workshops, and the Leadership Passport Program.

  • Dress slacks, dress shirt, and tie
  • Pant or skirt suit
  • Suit, dress shirt, and tie
  • Dress skirt or dress slacks with coordinated blouse and/or sweater
  • Sport coat, coordinated dress slacks, dress shirt, and tie
  • BPA blazer with dress skirt or dress slacks with blouse or sweater
  • BPA blazer with dress slacks, dress shirt, and tie
  • Dress shoes with dress socks or dress sandals with heel are required.
  • Skirts may be no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee.
  • Denim is not permitted.

Casual Dress

  • Casual dress consists of sportswear, jeans, pants, shirt, T-shirt, and shorts. Footwear is always required. Casual dress is permitted for tours, the exhibit hall, service activities, and special events.

Unacceptable Dress

The following are unacceptable during BPA activities:

  • Strapless tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, or midriff tops
  • Spandex, lycra, or transparent clothing
  • Cut-offs or torn clothing
  • Clothing with inappropriate words or pictures
  • Swimsuits must be covered with appropriate attire while in an area other than the pool or designated sunbathing area.


  • Members not dressed in required attire will not be allowed to participate in conference events.
  • Members refused entrance to an event will be given the opportunity to change into appropriate attire immediately and participate or compete in the event. Having changed into appropriate attire, the member will join testing in progress. No additional time will be given for time missed.
  • Members have the right to grieve the issue immediately after being refused entrance.
  • Dress code grievances will not be accepted if not received in writing at competitive events headquarters within one hour of the infraction.
  • Members not adhering to the dress code will not be allowed onstage.ng to the dress code will not be allowed onstage.

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