Partner Contests

Exciting challenges from our partners

Partner Contests

Exciting Challenges from our Partners

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Business Professionals of America is proud to partner with organizations, State Associations and businesses in an effort to enhance the competitive offerings available to members leading up to and including the National Leadership Conference. We encourage all members to strive for excellence through our partner programs!

The following Partner Competitions are offered for the 2021-2022 membership year and 2022 National Leadership Conference:

Learn more about our Partner Contests
Learn more about our Partner Contests

Sponsored by Start Here, Go Places. ®

Test your accounting knowledge in the ultimate BPA tournament! Business Professionals of America Secondary students are invited to be a part of the fourth annual, national BPA Bank On It Tournament. The AICPA’s Start Here, Go Places® has teamed up once again with BPA to host an in-person “Bank On It Tournament” of pretty epic proportions again at this year’s National Leadership Conference.

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BPA Virtual Business Challenge

Sponsored by Knowledge Matters, Inc.

Knowledge Matters, Inc. is excited to announce that the BPA online Virtual Business Challenge (VBC) will be returning for the 2021-2022 Membership Year. The competition is open to all Secondary Division BPA members and offers a great opportunity to compete for prize money and test your accounting skills individually or as a team.

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BPA Partner, Stukent is excited to announce the return of their Social Media Marketing Challenge open to all Secondary Division Members.

Through this online simulation, students will test their social media marketing skills by managing a $10,000 budget in simulated ad dollars for a fictitious, global bag company. Their online strategy will include marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

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