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Learn How to Bring BPA to Your School


Start a Chapter

Learn How to Bring BPA to Your School

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Give Your Students an Unforgettable Experience

Business Professionals of America (BPA) chapters excite students and get them plugged into an experience-based, co-curricular program.

Our Wichita High School East Chapter

BPA is designed to take business and information technology skills from academic knowledge to real-world experiences and help educators make the classroom a motivating and interactive experience.

BPA advisors and students work together in a mentor-based partnership, where members learn how to go from students to professionals in their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Visiting this page is the first step of starting a new BPA local chapter. Please review our step-by-step guide to starting a new chapter, our Local Chapter Handbook, and finally, fill out a New Charter Application online.

Step by Step Instructions for Starting a New Chapter

Ready to bring Business Professionals of America to your educational institution? The following procedures will you in starting a new BPA Chapter!

Now that I started my Chapter, what's next?

State Advisors

Your State Advisor is your primary contact for getting involved in State and regional conferences, which is where members compete in Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP) events in order to qualify for the National Leadership Conference. Your State Advisor is also your primary contact for State awards programs, State officer elections, etc.

Our State Advisors

National Staff

The National Center staff and national website serve as your primary contacts for help with the Membership Registration System, the National Leadership Conference, WSAP Event Guidelines, National Officer elections and other national programs such as national scholarships, the Torch Awards Program and Special Recognition Awards.

Our National StaffQuestions? Contact us!

Local Advisor

The local advisor is responsible for setting up the chapter at the local school by meeting with the principal or other appropriate officials, recruiting members, recruiting advisors and arranging the chapter's first meetings.

New Chapter Checklist

New Chapter Checklist

Local advisors should complete the following checklist within the first month of establishing a new chapter:


    Contact your State Advisor to get involved in State conferences and State programs.


    Identify and recruit local advisors.


    Submit the New Charter Application. Application must be submitted by potential advisor or school administrator.


    Recruit members.


    Make the chapter official at the school and hold your first meeting.


    Formulate and approve your chapter's constitution.


    Elect local officers. For information on local officer responsibilities, access the Resources section.


    Use the Membership Registration System (MRS) to register and pay for your members for the year. Questions? Download our Membership Registration System Resource Guide or check out our FAQ!


    Set goals and construct a calendar for the BPA year. Include State conferences, the National Leadership Conference, WSAP competitions, Torch and Special Recognition Awards, fundraisers, regional/State/National officer elections and BPA Week.

    Complete this checklist and you are well on your way to having an exciting and successful first year as a Business Professionals of America chapter!

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