You Can Help Make NLC a Huge Success!

Volunteers drive the success behind Business Professionals of America, and we would not accomplish a fraction of the good work that is done without them. Volunteers are especially important to the success of our National Leadership Conference.

For many years, students who attend the National Leadership Conference have an opportunity to sign up as a conference volunteer and intern. These experiences have been available in several areas and have offered upwards of 400 students a chance to participate annually.

Advisors who attend the National Leadership Conference have an opportunity to participate as volunteers as well.

To ensure all involved with the NLC Program have a positive and worthwhile experience, planning ahead is critical to success.

Purpose of the NLC Volunteer Program

For the students:

The student volunteer program offers benefits to our organization, to the students, and in some cases, to the community. Volunteer opportunities are a way to develop skills and apply the knowledge learned in coursework. Students also benefit from the real world and professional experience that can be gained, which contributes to a student being more competitive when seeking employment after graduation.

For the advisors:

Advisor volunteers obtain and provide benefits which may include:

  • Overall financial savings to the full membership by keeping conference registration low
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Stronger engagement and involvement that leads to becoming further invested in BPA

Register Your Students Today!

Advisors can register students for the NLC Volunteer Program while registering their students online for NLC:

Approval in the NLC Volunteer program is granted by the local advisor and confirmed by selecting a volunteer event and submitting the online conference registration. No other approval is required.

Please contact us for additional information or questions.

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Explore the many options available to students to volunteer at this year's NLC. Your commitment to BPA's continued excellence helps us create a memorable experience for everyone involved!