Code of Conduct

General Information

By voluntarily participating in any officially sanctioned Business Professionals of America (BPA) event, members (middle level, secondary, postsecondary, advisors, and alumni) agree to adhere to the following code of conduct and ethics or forfeit their right to participate.

  • Members shall respect and abide by the authority delegated to the board of trustees, state advisors, presiding officers, committee chairs, and advisor or authorized representative of the aforementioned.
  • Members shall attend all sessions and activities assigned unless engaged in some specific assignment taking place at the same time.
  • Members shall agree to, and abide by, the Academic Integrity Policy adopted by BPA.
  • Members shall wear acceptable attire to all program activities as specified in the conference program.
  • Identification badges shall be worn at all official functions.
  • Members shall not smoke in public while wearing the BPA official blazer.
  • BPA shall, under no circumstances, approve or condone the possession or use of tobacco in any form (including electronic forms of cigarettes) by any student member during official conference functions. Possession is defined as having on one’s person, in one’s belongings such as in a purse or luggage, in one’s hotel/motel room, or having knowledge that prohibited item(s) are in one’s hotel/motel room or in another person’s possession.
  • BPA shall, under no circumstances, approve or condone the possession, use, or serving of alcoholic beverages by student members during official functions on any premises contracted (i.e., hotel, convention center, etc.). This is in effect from the time the member leaves home until he/she returns home.
  • BPA shall, under no circumstances, approve or condone the use of drugs in any form, except for medical purposes, by anyone at a BPA national conference or any other state or national activity. This is in effect from the time the member leaves home until he/she returns home.
  • BPA shall, under no circumstances, approve or condone the possession of any firearms, dangerous weapons, explosive compounds, or objects that could reasonably be considered or used as a weapon.
  • Spouses are allowed to attend events if they officially register as a guest. They shall not have membership privileges and shall abide by all event rules.
  • Non-registered individuals will not be allowed at event activities.
  • Whether at the event site or in public places, members shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to not bring reproach to the organization or to themselves.
  • Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Members shall stay at the approved hotel/motel during national conferences. Participants residing within a 50-mile radius of the conference site may be exempt from the policy at the discretion of the Director of
    Strategic Programs & Experiences.
  • Student members shall keep their adult advisors informed of their activities and whereabouts at all times.
  • Student members shall not use their own cars or ride in cars belonging to others during the conference unless accompanied by an authorized advisor.
  • Curfew each night shall be midnight, and all student members shall be in their rooms by curfew.
  • The approved hotel/motel shall assign certain rooms to male and female members.
  • Student members will not be allowed in the rooms assigned to the opposite sex unless accompanied by an official conference advisor.
  • When alumni division members serve or participate with any of its sister divisions at any official function the alumni members shall abide by the code of conduct established by that division.

Local chapter and state advisors are responsible for the supervision of student member conduct. Any member who violates or ignores any Code of Conduct and Ethics policy or engages in any form of behavior deemed unacceptable may be brought before the grievance committee for an analysis of the violation. The grievance committee shall be empowered to take appropriate action in consideration of the penalties for breaking any Code of Conduct and Ethics policy listed above.

Disciplinary actions may include, but are not limited to, forfeiture of privileges to attend further events, removal from office, disqualification from the event and any associated competitions, relinquishment of awards and recognition, and expulsion from the event at the member’s expense.

Appropriate authority figures, including but not limited to parents, guardians, supervisors, and employers will be notified as to the infraction and penalty imposed. BPA also reserves the right to notify law enforcement.

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