Help students become job ready with free Digital Marketing skills resources from Facebook

Technology is transforming the business landscape and as demand for digital skills continues to grow, educators must equip students with digital skills training and credentials to help provide them with a competitive edge.

Burning Glass Technologies, which compiles labor market statistics, explains, “Demand for social media marketing skills continues to grow. Social media marketing jobs have a continued projected growth rate of +23% over the next decade.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more apparent how critical social media marketing/digital marketing skills are for both businesses and job seekers. Educators are best placed to help students navigate the development of these skill sets.

Are your students prepared? Facebook Blueprint is empowering students to unlock their career goals through new digital marketing resources:

Access free virtual instruction resources for educators

Facebook recently launched the Facebook Educators Portal, a free resource to help educators integrate Facebook digital marketing skills into existing curricula. The Portal was designed by educators, for educators, to teach digital marketing to students at all levels of higher education. The Portal contains presentation materials and student activities, including: 28 lessons, 12 quizzes, corresponding online learning case studies and projects to reinforce engagement and mastery outside of lessons. Each lesson comes with facilitator notes and suggested teaching times for easy adaptation. Create a free account within the Facebook Educators Portal.

Content for 100% distance learning adaptation

The Virtual Learning Module within the Portal offers educators 100% distance learning adaptation. Lecture presentations are available as pre-recorded videos, enabling educators to share with students through their digital platform of choice. This includes 10 weeks of instruction and additional supplemental projects-based learning materials for students.

Free additional learning content for students and educators

Access free Facebook Blueprint content. Content takes learners through the basics of starting, executing and measuring a digital campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Applied content helps students learn to run their own campaigns, while case study exercises give them an opportunity to analyze how clients have successfully designed and pivoted real campaign strategies. With a new ‘privacy & safety’ module, students are also challenged to consider online safety and privacy, and how data is shared.

Give your students real world credentials and industry-ready skills

Support your students in adding immediate value to their resume by helping your students get certified. The Educators Portal provides content that builds a pathway to a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Certification. This associate-level certification will recognize the real-world and industry-ready skills your students have attained and will provide credentials that can be shared with potential employers, clients and others.

Interested in learning more about The Educators Portal and Facebook’s Digital Marketing Skills resources? Check out this Informational Video to hear more about the benefits of our program for students and educators.

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