Business Professionals of America Announces Brand Refresh

Anaheim, CA (April 29, 2019) — Business Professionals of America (BPA) has unveiled a new logo and updated brand identity that aligns its strategic framework and vision so it is known as an organization laser-focused on the professional development and future of our youth, providing the tools, skills and experiences needed to compete, succeed and thrive in the business world. The announcement comes as the organization prepares to welcome more than 6,000 members from across the country to Anaheim, CA this week for the 53rd annual National Leadership Conference.

The updates include a new logo, tagline, design approach, and brand colors. The goals for the new visual identity include creating clear and strong messaging with consistent visuals that are adaptable across various media; conveying an innovative organization that is evolving and future-focused; creating a sense of community that enhances the membership’s connection to the organization with a renewed vision and amplified purpose; and elevating the organization’s reputation for preparing students for the future. The new elements will be present on the BPA website, social media channels, communications and marketing.

“Although the look and feel of our organization is changing, our objective remains the same; to empower rising students to discover their passion and change the world,” said Executive Director Dr. LouAnn Ross. “This national brand refresh is designed to provide all of our stakeholders with a more cohesive visual experience when engaging with the organization. The updated logo, collectively with our new tagline – Giving Purpose to Potential - align with and showcase a creative evolution of our brand that is on-trend, and utilizes best practices in design.”

This is the first major brand refresh for BPA in over 30 years and helps guide the organization into the 21st century.

“We are energized by our updated look and refreshed brand identity,” noted Cedric Bandoh, Chair of the National BPA Board of Trustees. “The update aligns with our organizational values and reflects our dedication to innovation as well as a vibrant, advancing membership. While we may look a little different, our commitment to our members and Career Technical Education remains the same.”