Advisor Certification Program

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What Can I Do With Advisor Certifications?

BPA Advisors can gain knowledge and expertise in specific skills by participating in and completing professional development and certification programs offered by the national organization as well as outside partners.

Local Advisor Certification Series

The National Local Advisor Certification Series is designed to prepare local chapter advisors for success in the BPA classroom through online training, peer-to-peer engagement and national program resources.


  1. Attend or view five (5) weekly training webinars of one (1) hour in length.
  2. Complete online self-check assessments.
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  1. Prepare new advisors for success in the BPA Classroom.
  2. Retain existing advisors through supportive training materials resulting in success in the BPA Classroom.
  3. Provide a training source for new and existing advisors which results in a Trained Pin & Certificate of Completion for Local School Administration.


  1. Advisors completing the course will be recognized at the National Leadership Conference with a ribbon, pin and reception.
  2. Advisors completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion and award.

Current Advisor Certification Courses

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