Our National Business Advisory Council provides a liaison
between business and industry and BPA.


Our National Business Advisory Council provides a liaison between business and industry and BPA.

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About The National Business Advisory Council

The National Business Advisory Council (NBAC) was established to provide a liaison between business and industry and BPA’s Board of Trustees. The purpose of the Council is to offer insight and guidance on the future of business and industry in order to assist with the development of programs that offer real-world experience for BPA students.

The membership of NBAC consists of representatives from various segments of the business community.  It is important to the organization’s Board of Trustees that the strength, knowledge and expertise of this group are utilized to help with the advancement of its members and that the make-up of the Council offers a variety of experiences and opinions from different sectors of business and industry to better serve the organization and its members.

All members of the Council are approved by the Board of Trustees based upon recommendations from the Council Chair and other members serving on the National Business Advisory Council.

Basic Expectations of Service/Participation

  • Provide industry insight to BPA programming
  • Identify and recommend ways business and industry may become involved
  • Participate in activities to obtain financial support where appropriate
  • Advocate for BPA within business and industry
  • Represent one of the assessment areas as identified by the BPA Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP)
  • Serve for a three-year appointment with the opportunity for re-appointment by the BPA Board of Trustees
  • Attend at least 40% of meetings (4 total per year including one at NLC)
  • Contribute 10+ hours per year to National Programs through any combination of the following:
    • Technical judging (NLC)
    • Micro event writing
    • Recommendations review
    • Conference calls
    • NLC judged events
    • Content Questions for online course (Next Step)
    • Virtual event Judging (Technical and Skype interviews)

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