Member List Policy

Understanding our Member List Policy

Our Member List Policy

Effective October 13th, 2018

Business Professionals of America is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and enforces a strict, no-tolerance policy against SPAM. Additionally, BPA does not sell, rent, lease or provide our membership lists to third party individuals, government agencies, or companies at any time unless compelled to do so by law. Information that is posted publicly to the website is open access and can be used by any party for outreach per public domain.

Our members are offered the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us and our partners at any time. Members who do not wish to receive our communications, such as, The Source e-newsletter or promotional materials on behalf of our partners will still receive important membership information from time to time to ensure the appropriate communications are being shared with the entire membership base where cases may require it.

Business Professionals of America offers sponsoring partners the opportunity to communicate with members by contributing content to its bi-monthly e-communication The Source (deployed to advisors twice a month between August and April annually), as well as, through a direct target e-communication which is delivered by BPA on behalf of the sponsoring partner. Content is provided by the sponsoring partner, however, Business Professionals of America reserves the right to make any content edits where appropriate to ensure the communication meets the policies and guidelines of our organization.

In certain circumstances where Business Professionals of America is participating as a partner to promote a BPA-specific program/contest, permission may be granted to the identified sponsoring partner to communicate directly with advisors for the sole purpose of marketing and promoting the joint program/contest for BPA members. Under such conditions, Business Professionals of America will provide the partner with the appropriate advisor mail list for one-time use (if an advisor has previously opted out of receipt of such communications, they will not be included on this listing).

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