Contracted Services – Competitive Events Coordinator Application

The Business Professionals of America, Texas Association, Board of Directors welcomes bids for the Competitive Event Coordinator position. Business Professionals of America is a nonprofit Career & Technology Student Leadership Organization for business students and teachers and is under the umbrella of the Texas Education Agency.

The purpose of this position is to provide Competitive Events Coordinator services to Texas Business Professionals of America including the listed services and key responsibilities as outlined below. Your bid should be itemized and include all fees and expenses. Texas Business Professionals of America will approve expenses according to Policies and Procedures as listed.

The term for this position begins September 2023 and ends April 2026.

Additional time commitments include attending board meetings virtually or in person as requested by the Board, assisting with committees and assisting during the State Leadership Conference. Meeting dates are flexible depending on availability but plan on meeting in mid-September, in early December, the week of the State Leadership Conference and in mid-June or July with an attempt to align with the summer teacher conference. Other online meetings may be set up as needed.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Assist in coordinating Regional Competitive Events
  • Coordinate RLC move ups
  • Be available to answer questions during regional competitions
  • Coordinate state competitive event requirements with the meeting planner
  • Export state qualifiers from DLG and schedule contests
  • Coordinate, compile, and schedule administrators, proctors, and graders for state competitive events
  • Oversee all competitive events activities during SLC
  • Assemble all competitive event reports necessary for SLC
  • Compile and export state results through DLG
  • Provide a competitive events report to the Board of Directors at the July Board Meeting
  • Print competitive events and judging rubrics for all competitions
  • Prepare test boxes for SLC Headquarters
  • Coordinate registration and assign facility space
  • Collect monies, input into DLG, and provide to Financial Services
  • Plan agenda, budget, and timeline for SLC
  • Prepare budget estimates for new fiscal year and submit to the Finance Committee by July board meeting
  • Purchase events materials and submit for reimbursement
  • Transport and store secure test materials and all other supplies

Key Performance Measures:
  • Responds to BPA regional and state related questions within 1 business day
  • All events are staffed with proper administrators, proctors, and graders
  • Competitive events results are complete and accurate and entered in DLG
  • Detailed requirements were provided to the meeting planner
  • Provides a signed contract within 1 week of selection to Board Chair to forward copies to Executive Committee

  • Working knowledge of regional and state activities
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Experience with event and schedule coordination
  • Positive and friendly people skills

Deadline to submit applications is June 30, 2023.

Additional information on the Competitive Event Coordinator responsibilities can be found in the Policy and Procedures Handbook found under the About BPA tab.

Contact Board Chair, David Ibarra at or State Advisor, Diana Weber at for more information.

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