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The Texas Leadership Team includes Regional Presidents and our State Officer Team. Regional Presidents are elected at the Regional Leadership Conferences held in January. The State Officer Team is elected during the State Leadership Conference. For more information about opportunities and running for office, check back here for links and guidelines.

Texas State Leadership Team


State President

Sophia Silva

Email: presidentssilva@gmail.com

Meet Sophia Silva, our State President! When she was a freshman, she fell in love with the environment and community BPA fosters among students, so she ran for chapter officer and became chapter president. Later that year, she became a regional president, and from that experience was set on becoming a part of the amazing State Leadership Team again as a state officer. Sophia is most excited to get to know and work with the new regional presidents and state officers to serve our state’s members. Outside of BPA, she participates in Varsity Golf, RGV Lead, NHS, and UIL debate and extemporaneous speech. During the summer, she is a camp counselor at Camp CAMP, and is avidly involved at her church where she has helped put on retreats, organize toy drives, cook food for the homeless, and taught CCD (religious education) for 3 years to children of all different grade levels. Outside of these activities, Sophia loves watching movies with her family, driving around with friends, baking/ cooking, and hiking! She is most afraid of her cat, and enjoys many kinds of music like 70s Rock, early 2000s alternative, and pop. However, she has a soft spot for country concerts because that was a big part of her childhood. Her favorite type of movie is comedies, but also loves the classics like Footloose and Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Please help us give a warm welcome to Sophia!



State Vice-President

Jaclynn Schwander

Email:  jaclynnschwander.bpa@gmail.com

Reintroducing Jaclynn Schwander, our returning Secondary Vice President! She wanted to continue providing members opportunities to better both their careers and overall futures, which is why she chose to run for state office again. Plus, her last term was one of the most fun experiences she’s ever had! She’s most looking forward to planning awesome conferences for members and developing bonds with the new State Leadership Team. BPA has impacted Jaclynn’s life greatly, and the past year serving alongside other wonderful regional presidents and state officers allowed her to grow in all aspects of her life. Outside of BPA, she is an officer for student organizations such as Science National Honor Society, NHS, and her school’s drama club, and enjoys directing and performing on stage in both musicals and plays. In her free time, Jaclynn loves spending time at church, cooking, gardening, photography, traveling, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog. She likes 60s-80s hits, Christian music, and showtunes, and her favorite movies are The Sound of Music and Mamma Mia! Please help us give a warm welcome to Jaclynn!



State Secretary

Varsha Namboodiri

Email:  secretaryvnamboodiri@gmail.com

Meet Varsha Namboodiri, our Secretary! She ran for state office because she felt that not only could she make an impact on BPA members, but because she could learn a lot from the experience. She also wanted to give back to this organization that has given her something to be excited about in school and created the opportunity for the making of some of her best memories. Varsha is most looking forward to forming connections with all the amazing members of the state team. She also looks forward to meeting all the Texas BPA members and helping create the best 2022 state conference possible! She is an active member of non-profit organizations such as Bye Bye Butter, RGV Matters, and Bake4Sake. She is also a student tutor and has been a member of student council, NHS, student ambassadors, Mu Alpha Theta, Technology Student Organization and more. Additionally, she finds it important to be very engaged in the Indian community of her area, especially during their festivals. In her free time, varsha enjoys baking, cooking, watching TV, playing board games, and traveling. Her favorite artist is Billie Eilish, and she loves Rom-Com movies, especially The Parent Trap. Please help us give a warm welcome to Varsha!



State Historian

Brianna Villarreal

Email:  historianbvillarreal@gmail.com 

Meet Brianna Villarreal, our Historian! She has a relentless passion for BPA, and before becoming an officer, often thought of what she could do to further her involvement in this organization. She started off as a regional president for Area II Region III, which motivated her to run for a state officer position. Bri is most looking forward to getting to know the officer team and working together to make this a fun and memorable year for Texas BPA. BPA has impacted her life by allowing her to grow not only as an officer but as an individual. Bri is also involved in the National Honor Society, Student Council, and is Co Captain of her school’s Varsity Cheer Squad. She likes to  spend her free time volunteering at her city’s Humane Society, and enjoys spending time with her family. Her biggest fear is bugs because they totally gross her out. Brianna’s favorite type of music is alternative R&B, and her favorite artist is SZA. Lastly, her favorite movie is Shrek 2 because she is a kid at heart! Please help us give a warm welcome to Brianna!



State Reporter

Mahith Bandi

Email:  reportermbandi@gmail.com

Meet Mahith Bandi, our Reporter! He ran for office because he wanted to give back to BPA by using the skills he obtained from this organization, along with his ideas and goals, to serve members with his utmost effort. He is really excited to broaden his horizons by meeting lots of diverse groups of individuals from all across the state. He also can't wait to have an amazing state conference with everyone who is a part of Texas BPA despite all the challenges we have faced this past year. Mahith is grateful to BPA for giving him friendships that he will cherish for a lifetime. Through its enriching opportunities, the organization has also given him clarity in what he wants to pursue later in life. Outside of BPA, he is involved in other business clubs such as DECA and FBLA, and is a National Breast Cancer Foundation Ambassador. In his free time, he enjoys basketball, biking, and hanging out with friends. His biggest fear is rats, and he likes pretty much all types of music but country. Also, his favorite movie is Inception. Please help us give a warm welcome to Mahith!



State Parliamentarian

Jose Jimenez

Email:  parliamentarianjimenez@gmail.com

Meet Jose Jimenez, our Parliamentarian! He began his BPA journey as a freshman in high school, and from the very first time he saw the state officers on stage, he knew he wanted to be a part of the team. He’s most looking forward to getting to know the rest of the officers and working together to make this year the best one yet! Entering high school, Jose wanted to become an architectural engineer. But, after just one year in BPA, he discovered his true calling to work in the business world. Outside of BPA, Jose enjoys band and Operation Smile Club, and likes to do magic tricks, juggle, play his trumpet, work out, and teach his dog new tricks. His biggest fear is the deep sea, and his favorite artist is Rex Orange County. He also loves La La Land, and prefers watching dramas. Please help us give a warm welcome to Jose!



State Sgt.-At-Arms

Kimberly Espinosa

Email:  sergeantatarmskespinosa@gmail.com

Meet Kimberly Espinoza, our Sergeant at Arms! She ran for state office so she could give back to BPA for all it’s done for her, and wanted to be a part of the organization’s legacy in helping others reach their goals. As a state officer, she’s most looking forward to camp and planning SLC. Outside of BPA, she’s involved in Cheerleading, UIL, and powerlifting, and outside of school enjoys working out, listening to music, and spending time with her loved ones. Kimberly’s biggest fear would be seeing anything paranormal, but has faith she wouldn’t be harmed. The Strokes are her favorite band, but her taste in music bounces around. If she could pick one movie as her favorite, it would be Thor Ragnarok. Please help us give a warm welcome to Kimberly!



Area 1, Region 1 President

Shivang Jain

Email:  rp11sjain@gmail.com

Meet Shivang Jain, your Area 1 Region 1 President! He ran for regional office to give back to the organization that has given him so many opportunities. He is really looking forward to meeting and working with all the officers in person on projects throughout the year, and can’t wait for what the rest of his terms holds! BPA has also provided Shivang with networking opportunities, both of which he is extremely grateful for. Outside of BPA, he is involved in a music medicine club, DECA, investment club, animal service club, medical academy, shadowing, and research at Texas college. In his free time, Shivang enjoys swimming, working out, rock climbing, playing piano, and trying new things! Although Shivang is somewhat afraid of heights, he wants to go skydiving when he turns 18. His favorite music genre is pop, and he likes action and comedy movies. Please help us give a warm welcome to Shrujin!



Area 1, Region 2 President

Martin Wanyoike

Email:  rp12mwanyoike@gmail.com

Meet Martin Wanyoike, your Area 1 Region 2 Regional President! He ran for Regional President to continue his school’s legacy for consistently producing dedicated Regional Presidents, and a desire to lead his local BPA region to success. This year he is looking forward to leading others from his new position and touching the lives of those he serves. BPA has given Martin the ability to explore the field of business while supporting his passion for Health Science. Outside of BPA Martin is involved in DECA, HOSA, Skills USA, TSA, Student Council, National Beta Club, NYLF, and The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. He has served as the Vice President of his HOSA chapter, SkillsUSA Parliamentarian, and School Scholastic Society College Logistics Chairman.  Outside of school Martin has taught himself Korean and is part of a Dance team. He also enjoys K-pop music and fantasy movies like Cruella. Please help us give a warm welcome to Martin!



Area 1, Region 3 President

Shrujin Shah

Email:  rp13sshah@gmail.com

Meet Shrujin Shah, your Area 1 Region 3 President! He has been involved in BPA for three years, and is grateful to the organization for the skills he has been able to add to his repertoire, professionalism he has gained in his everyday actions, and the friends, competitors, and amazing advisors that he has had a chance to meet. He has benefited enormously from all that BPA has to offer, and believes that it is only right to share that with all of Texas BPA. He is most looking forward to meeting the other regional presidents and state officers who share some of the same goals and visions that he does for this year! Outside of BPA, Shrujin participates in USTA tennis, varsity tennis, and a bunch of other clubs. He also volunteers at his local place of worship every weekend! In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends and family. His favorites include: music genre- hip hop, artist- JI Prince of NY, movie genre: science fiction, and movie: Avatar. Please help us give a warm welcome to Shrujin!



Area 2, Region 1

D’Schon Simmons

Email:  rp21dsimmons@gmail.com

Meet D’Schon Simmons, your Area 2, Region 1 President! D'Schon ran for Office to promote effective representation at the State and National level. He is most looking forward to Officer Camp and working with the people he meets there. BPA has helped D'Schon find himself in the business world and has educated him on life lessons, as well as helping recognize his strengths and weaknesses. Besides being a part of BPA, D'Schon is part of  Spanish Club, Interact, Sophomore Council, Student Council, One Act Play, UIL Academics, Upward Bound, Tennis, Basketball, and Triumph Over Kid Cancer. His hobbies outside of school include Tennis, Basketball, Work, and Debate. D'Schon's biggest fear is heights. He loves listening to any music genre but especially enjoys Hip Hop. He also really likes horror movies. Please give a warm welcome to D'Schon!



Area 2, Region 2

Ashlyn Vera

Email:  rp22avera@gmail.com

Meet Ashyn Vera, your Area 2 Region 2 Regional President! Ashlyn ran for Office to take a bigger role in this amazing organization. She loves BPA and knew that it would be an awesome opportunity to advance her leadership skills. She is excited to bring new ideas to the table, impact, inspire, and help others in BPA this year. She is looking forward to working with the state officers and other regional presidents to plan the 2022 SLC and to meet new people. Since joining BPA her freshman year Ashlyn has been able to meet some awesome people and her leadership and speaking skills have improved immensely. This organization has provided her with countless opportunities to better herself and has thus made her more determined in all aspects of her life. Besides BPA, Ashlyn is involved in Varsity Soccer, Varsity Golf, Student Council, HOSA, and National Honors Society. Outside of school she loves going to the golf course, on evening runs, trying out new restaurants, repping Texas A&M, travelling, and going on roadtrips with friends and family. She also enjoys country music like Midland & Kacey Musgaves and watching chick flicks or anything Marvel. Her biggest fear is small spaces. Please help us give a warm welcome to Ashlyn!



Area 2, Region 3

Aleisha Martinez Sandoval

Email:  rp23amartinezsandoval@gmail.com

Meet Aleisha Martiniez-Sandoval, your Area 2 Region 3 President! Aleisha ran for Regional Office because she saw the potential BPA had to change lives. She was moved and inspired to share the values, mission, and vision of BPA with her entire community. She is most looking forward to working with and interacting with BPA members from all over the U.S. and coming up with innovative ideas for the betterment of BPA. She loves this organization because it has inspired her, given her amazing friendships, challenged her, and provided her with an immense amount of opportunities. Outside of BPA, Aleisha is involved in HOSA, Model UN, UIL, Texas Student Council, and Physics club! She also writes for a science journal and runs a non-profit for her hometown to help create change in the world. Lastly, Aleisha is really into Indie Rock and Pop and enjoys Science Fiction, Adventure, and Action movies. Everyone, give a warm welcome to Aleisha!! 



Area 2, Region 4

Brando Guerra

Email:  rp24bguerra@gmail.com

Meet Brando Guerra, your Area 2 Region 4 President! Brando ran for office to be a leader to his region and improve his public speaking skills. He is most looking forward to meeting all the other officers and BPA members and sharing his ideas for the new year! BPA has had a great influence on him and has helped drive his passion for business. Aside from BPA, Brando is Student Council class president, an NHS scholar, and an RGV LEAD Regional Ambassador. He also loves playing soccer, lifting weights, and staying active overall. Brando is also afraid of heights and enjoys action and comedy movies! Please give a warm welcome to Brando!



Area 3, Region 1

Joanne Sebastian

Email:  rp31@jsebastian@gmail.com

Meet Joanne Sebastian, your Area 3 Region 1 President! Joanne is currently the secretary for her school’s chapter and felt that this year was the time to take on a bigger role within the organization. She is most looking forward to meeting all the other officers at camp and making amazing memories with them. BPA has had a great impact on her life and has not only expanded her leadership skills but her growth as a person. Additionally, Joanne participates in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), National Honors Society, Student Council, and UIL. Outside of school, she enjoys singing, dancing, baking, playing basketball, being a part of her church, and travelling! She absolutely hates snakes, loves Bollywood music, and enjoys horror movies, especially the Insidious series! Let's all give a warm welcome to Joanne!



Area 3, Region 2

Rebecca Kumar

Email:  rp32rkumar@gmail.com

Meet Rebecca Kumar, your Area 3 Region 2 Regional President!! Rebecca ran for Regional President after she was inspired at the 2020 SLC, and was in awe of how professional, approachable, and knowledgeable the Regional Presidents were. She decided she  wanted to be a part of that team (and help others the same way they did), so she ran for Regional Office. This year Rebecca is looking forward to making meaningful connections and learning valuable life-lessons while dedicating herself to serving all members of Texas BPA. Since joining BPA she has learned to challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone. Also, her communication, problem solving skills, and servant leadership has improved greatly since she joined. Outside of BPA Rebecca is involved in HOSA, Student Council, and NHS. In her freetime, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and hanging out with her ADORABLE dog, Andrew. One time she was on a glass gondola lift and sat on the floor and cried the entire way up because she is terrified of heights. Right now Rebecca’s favorite song is “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae and her favorite movie is Dil Dhadakne and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Please help us give a warm welcome to Rebecca!



Area 3, Region 3

Barrett Eddlemon

Email:  rp33beddlemon@gmail.com

Meet Barrett Eddlemon, your Area 3 Region 3 President!! Barrett joined BPA because he is passionate about the organization and wanted to be a bigger part of it. This year he is looking forward to building new relationships with the other regional presidents and state officers. BPA has helped Barrett make new friends and valuable connections. In school, he plays Varsity football, basketball, and baseball. Outside of school he loves playing sports and hanging out with friends. Barrett says his biggest fear is missing out on opportunities. He enjoys watching comedy movies and his favorite type of music is Rap. Please help us give a warm welcome to Barrett!



Area 4, Region 1

Davyun Wickerson

Email:  rp41dwickerson@gmail.com

Meet Davyun Wickerson, your Area 4 Region 1 President!! He is looking forward to being a Regional President and having new experiences at Camp and the 2022 State Leadership Conference. BPA has increased Davyun’s leadership abilities and has prepared him to take on greater responsibilities. In school, he participates in UIL, Varsity Cheer, and One Act Play! Outside of school  he loves to paint and hang out with friends. He is insanely afraid of spiders!! Right now Davyun has been really into FleetWood Mac, but loves all types of music. Also, his favorite movies are Titanic and The Help. Please help us give a warm welcome to Davyun!



Area 4, Region 2

Justin Peterson

Email:  rp42jpeterson@gmail.com

Reintroducing Justin Peterson, our returning Area 4 Region 2 President!! He enjoyed his first year so much he thought it would be worthwhile to run again! This year Justin wants to learn new skills and meet some great people. BPA has impacted Justin by making him a better speaker and has helped to develop him as a person. In school he is involved in the HS BBQ Team, FCCLA, and golf! Outside of school, Justin enjoys playing chess, golfing, and going to the lake to surf. He loves listening to metal, rock, and country music. He also enjoys watching comedy and action movies! Please help us give a warm welcome to Justin! 



Area 4, Region 3

Dafne Arreola

Email:  rp43darreola@gmail.com

Meet Dafne Arreola, your Area 4 Region 3 President! She ran because she wanted to represent her region and try to make a difference in the organization as a Regional President. She loves BPA because it has been a safe space for her for years and she has been able to grow and better herself through the organization in many ways! Dafne is extremely involved in her school, is currently the BPA president for her chapter, Historian for her school's Student Council, a member of No Place For Hate, and many more clubs. Outside of school she enjoys reading and playing board games with her family and friends. Dafne also likes listening to music and learning about the production of it! Apart from the obvious fears of death and failure, she has a fear of lice and fleas. Lastly, her favorite type of music is pop rock with bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and Waterparks, and her favorite movie is The Book Thief! Please help us give a warm welcome to Dafne!



Area 5, Region 1

Samantha Martinez

Email:  rp51smartinez@gmail.com

Meet Samantha Martinez, your Area 5 Region 1 President. When she was in 8th grade, she saw how hard each of her RP's worked to make the most fun out of BPA and wanted to continue that impact and work hard to make BPA as fun for others as it's been for her. Samantha is looking forward to meeting new people and making friends this year. She loves BPA because it has given her the opportunity to develop both her leadership and personal skills. Outside of BPA Samantha is involved in HOSA, Student Council, SNHS, NEHS, NSSHS, NHS, and band. She also enjoys painting, sketching, playing music and spending time with friends and family. She is most afraid of beetles because of a personal experience with cake and a beetle in it . Also her favorite music is Latin music and her favorite artist is Bruno Mars. Please help us give a warm welcome to Samantha!!



Area 5, Region 2

Adoriam DeWalt

Email:  rp52adewalt@gmail.com

Meet Adoriam DeWalt, your Area 5 Region 2 President! When she was in 8th grade, she met a state officer at SLC and discussed what officers do. In that moment, she became inspired to become an officer as well. Adoriam is mainly looking forward to having in-person conferences, but knows that if events do have to be virtual, she’ll do her best to make sure everything runs smoothly. She loves BPA because it has raised the bar for her expectations and self worth, and is grateful the organization has allowed her to see the good things in life and in the business world. Outside of BPA, Adoriam is proudly involved in Academic decathlon, Speech and Debate, Girl Scouts, and First Tee golf. She loves to eat food, camp, practice bow and arrow, play tennis, and do photography. She also loves cats! She is most afraid of her mom when she’s mad (you didn’t hear that from her though), and loves Andy Mineo and NF. Also, her favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch. Please help us give a warm welcome to Adoriam!



Area 5, Region 3

Angelina Guzman

Email:  rp53aguzman@gmail.com

Meet Angelina Guzman, your Area 5 Region 3 President! This year Angelina ran for Regional President because of her love for the organization and a desire to further her leadership skills. She’s also most looking forward to meeting new people! BPA has impacted her life by helping her grow out of her shell by providing her with opportunities to take on new challenges. She’s also grateful to the organization for helping her create and strengthen her friendships. Outside of BPA, Angelina is a part of her school’s yearbook staff, cheer team, and is a school ambassador. In her free time, she likes to read, and also enjoys country music. Her biggest fear is insects, and her favorite movies are Jackie and Hercules. Please help us give a warm welcome to Angelina!



Area 5, Region 4

Aneesha Varkey

Email:  rp54avarkey@gmail.com

Meet Aneesha Varkey, your Area 5 Region 4 President! After years of being a BPA member, she felt that it was time to finally take on a bigger role in this organization. So, the second she heard about the opportunity of becoming an officer, she knew she had to take the chance. Aneesha is most looking forward to traveling and meeting new people this year, and is grateful that BPA has taught her maturity and leadership throughout the five years she has participated. Outside of BPA, she is a student ambassador at her school, and is involved in National Honor Society, medical club, UNICEF, student council, HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth-leadership), Distinguished Young Woman, and a club called Helping Hands. Additionally, she loves to stay involved in her community through clubs or volunteering because it makes her feel active and fulfilled. In her free time, Aneesha likes to dance, listen to music, and do DIY (do it yourself) projects! Her favorite artists are Juice Wrld and Ariana Grande, and her favorite movie genre is Sci-fi. Please help us give a warm welcome to Aneesha!

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