Support Dots For Dollars — Special Olympics Fundraiser Project

Throughout the State of Texas, BPA chapters will be conducting service projects for Special Olympics, which aligns with the National Special Olympics initiative. We would like to encourage your chapter to participate in the statewide project – Dots for Dollars! Your state officer team has set a goal of $10,000 to be collected and donated to Texas Special Olympics. Join us in promoting Special Olympics across our state.

Chapter Officers and Members Guidelines:
*Each chapter buys dot stickers from a store (e.g. Dollar Tree, Walmart). We recommend using red and blue dots, which are BPA colors, but any color will work. Perhaps use your school colors!
*Set a price for your different color dots. Such as, 50¢ for a blue dot and $1 for a red dot. Sell dots to your school population for your chapter service project!
*Once a student buys a dot, have the student write their name on the dot and stick it on a poster board or even bulletin board paper. you have mounted in the classroom. We recommend you decorate your poster board with the title, Dots for Dollars – Special Olympics.
*Write your chapter name and chapter number on the back of the poster board, and the total amount of money you’ve raised.
*Take a picture of your chapter with your dotted, decorated poster board.
*Post the taken picture using the hashtag #dots4dollars on Instagram. *****Don’t forget that your Instagram account must be public for your post to be viewable to the Officer Team.
*Pictures with the hashtag #dots4dollars will be displayed on social media, the Texas BPA website and at Opening Session at SLC.
*Bring your poster board to RLC to be displayed and turn in your money and poster board to your regional president.
*The chapter with the most donations will be recognized at RLC.

At SLC, regional presidents will turn in all donations on stage during the Opening Ceremony. The region with the most donations will receive an award at SLC during the Opening Ceremony.

Any chapters that raise more than $75 are eligible to apply for the BPA Cares Community Service Award and the Special Olympics Award through Nationals. These awards will be presented at NLC.
For more information visit:
Community Service Award:
Special Olympics Award:


Let’s come together, Texas BPA, to raise money to support Special Olympics!