Texas BPA Intern Program

Interns Needed -- State Leadership Conference -- March 2-5, 2023

The success of our State Leadership Conference is made possible because of the efforts of community leaders, business partners, advisors, BPA Board and Staff and outstanding students who step up to assist us through the Texas Intern Program. If you would like to assist with making the Texas State Leadership Conference happen, please consider applying to serve. Interns will receive a certificate documenting their service hours and can request a letter of recommendation to thank them for their service. If you would like to see what it takes to make a conference work and be a part of it, please join us!

Information about how to become an Intern will be shared here and on the SLC tab.

Texas Intern Opportunity

The Texas BPA Intern program will enable students to assist with the State Leadership Conference in areas ranging from working in headquarters, setting up and directing registration, checking rooms and reservations, working with the officer teams or working with coordinating the judges and proctors.  This program will provide Interns with experience in public relations, meeting planning, leadership, and team building.

The areas for the Interns are as follows:

  1. Intern Desk—(Working check in table, assisting with Priority On-Call) Students will be responsible for checking in the Interns, assigning Interns, answering questions, serving as the information desk, serving as the point of contact for staff needing assistance. If you are looking for action and want to take on a leadership role in this program, this is the place. 
  2. Registration/Headquarters— Students will be responsible for assisting conference staff in setup and take down and assisting as needed in headquarters as runners. Students will not handle testing materials.  Headquarters is the heart of the conference and decisions are made here. Be prepared to assist as an escort, to assist with directions and help in any way you can.
  3. Courtesy Corp—(Doors/Sessions, Signage/Room Check, Roving Teams) Students will be responsible for assisting as needed by being visible and running errands, moving materials, providing information, monitoring sessions and assisting staff. You will be making sure that the conference is moving smoothly and you will be the “eyes and ears” for headquarters to let us know where help is needed.
  4. Media Team—(Downloading, On-Site Photographer, Photo Team-Roving) Students at the conference will have the opportunity to share their conference pictures to be included in the Conference In-Review slide show to be shown prior to the Closing Session on Saturday. Interns at this station will be assisting with the download of photos, selecting, editing and resizing photos for use in the show. Experience with photo downloads is preferred. Students will also assist with taking pictures of the conference activities. Students must provide their own cameras (cell phones are fine). It’s your job to capture the feeling of the conference and share it with the members. These photos will be posted online. 
  5. Proctor Assistants—Students will be responsible for checking room setups, checking on proctors and judges and accommodating their needs. This is a great public relations opportunity. You will be the “Help Desk” at each location. You will just be checking in with the proctors and judges to see if they need anything (more supplies, have a question to take to HQ, need a copy).
  6. General Events—Students will be working with the Open Events and Leadership Academy Speakers.  In the Open Events, students will assist with directing testers to open stations, monitoring testing and assisting proctors as needed.  In the Leadership Academy Sessions, you are assisting the speakers and actively participating in the session. We want our members and sponsors to have a fun time.

Students can add their name to the shared spreadsheet to reserve their time slots. Or assignments will be made when students arrive at the conference and check in at Intern Headquarters. Interns that are not able to attend the Orientation will receive instructions at Intern Headquarters. Interns can check in at Intern Headquarters at any time during the conference to sign up to assist as needed.  A minimum of 6 hours of service is requested to complete the Intern program but any amount of service is recognized and appreciated. Interns will be responsible for representing the organization and providing assistance to the conference staff and the members and guests at the conference. Professional dress is required when Interns are working the conference. Interns will also be responsible for downloading the BPA app and being familiar with the conference layout as they may be asked locations and times for events. After their last assignment, Interns can get a certificate documenting their service hours. Interns can also request a letter of recommendation thanking them for their service.

We look forward to working with you!