Classroom Educators Advisory Council (CEAC)

The Classroom Educators Advisory Council's purpose is to promote the objectives of the Business Professionals of America, Ohio Association, and to serve as a liaison between the advisors and Board of Directors.  The make-up of the Classroom Educators Advisory Council consists of a talented group of educators dedicated to the mission and vision of the organization.

Peter Clark, Region 1

Mike Davis, Region 2

Amy Sugden, Region 3

Nate Greene, Region 4

Angela Wright, Region 5

Andrea Martin, Region 6

Dan Foss, Region 7

Jen Rue, Region 8

Tina Krosse, Region 9

Tari Nockengost, Region 10

Kris Doran, Region 11

Rebecca Landen, Region 13

Todd Seymour, Region 14

Amanda Blackburn, Region 15

Justin Rigsby, Region 16

Jenifer Conard, Region 17

Lisa Clements, Region 18

John Stalcup, Region 19

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