Board of Directors

The Business Professionals of America, Ohio Association, Board of Directors is the primary governing body for the organization.  The make-up of the Board consists of a talented group of educators, organization and community leaders and professionals dedicated to the mission and vision of the organization.

Meeting regularly throughout the year, the Board of Directors manages all affairs of Business Professionals of America, Ohio Association, establishes and monitors the annual budget, oversees the organization's assets and ensures sound management of the association.  The Board includes voting members and two ex-officio (non-voting) members.  Board members are elected in May and traditionally serve three-year terms.

Board Members


Bruce Barnes, Business Representative

Kim Bartley, Business Representative

Aubree Lucas, Business Representative

Jason Melton, Business Representative

Gina Derickson, Business Representative

Justin Rigsby, Educator, District 1

Michael Pozega, Educator, District 2

Julie Keener, Educator, District 3

Josh Gallagan, Educator, District 4

Christy Yokajty, Educator, District 5

Kyle Tudor, Educator, District 6

Ken Merchant, Middle Level Representative

Dawn Thompson, Post-Secondary Partner

Current Vacancies:

Business Representative

Business Association Representative

CTE Administrator


Brenna Bartlett, Board President

Crystal Dortch, State Advisor

State Officer Team

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