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Business Professionals of America Wisconsin Association Alumni Division  

State and Local Level Activities

There are several ways to be involved with the Business Professionals of America in giving back to our next generation. Giving back is a way to keep on being involved with all things Business Professionals of America. Learn ways to network professionally, encourage those who needs a helping hand and challenge yourself to greater heights.

What you'll be looking forward to once you're a paid member:

  • Casual Conference: A mixture of fun, fellowship, and meetings within a leisurely atmosphere on a summer weekend.

  • Fall Meeting: A one day session to develop Alumni activities and provide a forum for committees to meet. This meeting is held in conjunction with the Fall Leadership Conference.

  • State Leadership Conference: A weekend where many opportunities are available for involvement with the entire organization including:

  1. Judging competitive events.

  2. Business and committee meetings.

  3. Election and installation of new officers.

  4. Opportunities for professional growth.

  5. Recruiting new members.

  6. Help students prepare for competitive events.

  7. Participate in student Special Olympic event projects.

  8. Serve as a guest speaker at regular, banquets and regional meetings.

  9. Present workshops on career development and related topics.

Benefits of Being Involved
  • Opportunities for travel

  • Participate in conferences at local, state, and national level

  • Experience personal and professional growth

  • Networking opportunities

  • Serving as mentors to student members

  • Sharing expertise and knowledge to student members

  • Giving back to the organization

Contact Us: bpawaad@gmail.com

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