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Jonathan Smith

Email: jsmith@bpa.org

Mr. Smith is the Director of Strategic Programs & Experiences for National BPA and also serves as the Chapter Advisor for the National Virtual Chapter. Prior to coming on staff, he spent five years in hotel and conference management. He was also a student member of BPA during his time in high school, serving as a local chapter President for two years, as well as on the Michigan BPA State Executive Council as the Region 5 Vice President. Please do not hesitate to contact him directly for any questions pertaining to the National Virtual Chapter.

2021-2022 National Virtual Chapter Officers


Post-secondary Division President

Tanvi Kosuri


Post-secondary Division Vice President



Secondary Division President

Aditya Jain

Email: adi.jain2023@gmail.com

Aditya Jain is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, California. Apart from serving as an officer for BPA’s National Virtual Chapter, he enjoys spending his time on various passion projects and initiatives. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Revoteen, a social networking platform helping thousands of students discover opportunities and explore their passions. He is also the Executive Director of DevTrex, a youth business and entrepreneurship program empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. In addition, he is the Captain of Tri-Valley Kiva, in which he works with a team of students to expand financial access to assist underserved communities. He is heavily interested in entrepreneurship and economics, and is more than happy to answer any questions about BPA!


Secondary Division Vice President

Havish Kolavennu

Email: havish.kolavennu@gmail.com

Havish Kolavennu is a freshman at South Brunswick High School. He has a passion for computer science and entrepreneurship. In his free time, he likes to run and spend time with his dog. He can't wait for his next year as part of BPA!





Secondary Division Secretary

Paulina Bortnak

Email: paulinabortnak@bpa.orgĀ 

Paulina is a Sophomore from Francis Parker High School located in San Diego, California and currently serves as our Secretary. Paulina has also has been involved with the National Charity League for more than three years. In this organization, she held multiple leadership positions, including serving on the National Ticktocker Advisory Committee and Vice President of Philanthropy. Additionally, she was also a member of the Nominating Committee for her local BPA chapter. Paulina regularly volunteers in the community and particularly enjoys working with senior citizens. She is interested in philosophy, finance, and economics and she has participated in numerous business programs and workshops. To relax, Paulina enjoys baking, listening to music, reading, and knitting.

Secondary Division Social Media Ambassador


Secondary Division Parliamentarian


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