South Texas College Chapter Opens up with Success

On September 5th, 2019 the South Texas College Student Activities Department hosted an event to help student student organization recruit new members. Our newest Post-Secondary chapter at South Texas College in McAllen was there to make their debut. Over twenty student organizations attended this event and BPA was well represented. We were excited to have many students interested in joining the new chapter and look forward to seeing their membership grow this year. The chapter had a great first meeting later that afternoon.

The South Texas College chapter would like to thank Jose Pena and all the staff and faculty in the Student Activities department that helped make such an event possible so that student organizations such as BPA could recruit interested and like-minded students to become a part of such a great organization. Congratulations to Emanuel Martinez and Amado Moreno III for leading the group and getting the chapter going this year. We look forward to seeing all the things this new Post-Secondary chapter will be doing this year.

If you would like more information about starting a Post-Secondary chapter at your college or university, please contact our Post-Secondary representative, Carolyn Carrier-Williams at