2023-2024 NVC Officer Team

Postsecondary Officers

President - Corina Stewart

Corina Stewart is a recognized leader with a track record that includes presidencies at the National Virtual Chapter and Savannah Tech's Student Leadership Council. As a dedicated entrepreneur, her business was honored with the GA Best award. Passionate about making a difference, she leads a church-based support group for women and generously volunteers at a women's health center. With accolades including the All GA Academic Team award and a gold win in SkillsUSA, Corina is committed to enhancing leadership and community impact.

Secondary Officers

President - Emily Parastie

Emily is a dedicated leader with notable achievements in the BPA NVC, with past experience serving as Vice President of Chapter Engagement. She's been engaged with BPA for the last four years and is a proud member of the NVC. Emily's leadership as her school's Business Club President spans multiple years where she's coached 11 teams who excelled international competitions. Outside of her interest in business, she's been a captain of her school's speech and debate team which is ranked 3rd in California. She's actively involved with her community, distributing food to 2000+ in Silicon Valley. In her free time, she serves as captain and plays on her school's varsity tennis team.

Vice President - Gabrielle Okorodudu

Gabrielle is the co-founder of the Alaska Science and Engineering Fair Student Board, instrumental in raising $8,000 through corporate outreach. A dedicated Red Cross volunteer, she championed recruitment at her school. As the 2022-2023 BPA National Virtual Chapter Secretary, she's committed to the organization's values and enhancing member experiences. Gabrielle showcases her passion for science, particularly biology, both in competition and writing—publishing blogs and editing Wikipedia. An avid reader, "Sapiens" ranks top on her list. As an athlete, she thrives in track and field, specializing in sprints and jumps. Her ambition and leadership continue to inspire and drive change.

Secretary - Jocelyn Lauckner

Jocelyn is a driven leader passionate about philanthropy. She's raised over $3,000 annually for the underprivileged, initiated a formal attire closet at school, and devoted countless hours as a yearbook co-editor. An athlete, Jocelyn shone in cross-country, earning multiple honors and is now preparing for the Disney 10k with the American Cancer Society's TeamDetermiNation. Aspiring to enhance collective talents as a State Officer for BPA, she's committed to fostering an inclusive environment where members can flourish in their chosen business fields.

Historian - Jordyn Lauckner

Jordyn is a dedicated leader with a flair for creativity and community engagement. Her passion shines through her innovative marketing campaigns for Key Club and her role as co-editor of a 270-page school yearbook. Committed to social impact, Jordyn masterfully curated outfits to attract young shoppers for the American Cancer Society Resale Shop, leveraging local events. Additionally, she's an integral part of the grade level leadership team, crafts jewelry for a women's shelter, and has generously donated handmade cards to hospitalized kids. Aspiring to delve deeper into the business realm, Jordyn seeks to merge her leadership expertise with BPA's platform to foster meaningful connections and insights.

VP of Member Engagement - Deetya Rajan

Deetya, a passionate leader, is renowned for her exemplary roles in various school activities. As the basketball team's captain, her compassionate communication skills shine in maintaining morale. Her organizational prowess is evident as she helms the Associated Student Body, skillfully managing budgets and events. Moreover, she serves as president of Best Buddies, Volunesia, and IcLucy, enhancing community engagement while advocating for mental health and the environment. Accolades include the California Scholarship Federation awards and her active participation in the Make a Wish Foundation's youth board. Deetya aspires to blend her leadership experiences with her business ambitions, seeking opportunities to further her academic and professional journey.


Our Primary Chapter Advisor

Patrick Schultz

Email: pschultz@bpa.org

Mr. Schultz is the Director of Membership & Technology for National BPA and also serves as the Chapter Advisor for the National Virtual Chapter. Prior to coming on staff, he spent 15 years in the classroom teaching computer science, cybersecurity, and many other areas of IT and multimedia design. While in the classroom he served as a local chapter advisor for all fifteen years guiding thousands of students to state and national award recognition. When not pushing students to success, you will find him training for marathons all across the country.

Please do not hesitate to contact him directly for any questions pertaining to the National Virtual Chapter.

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