BPA Membership Dues 

For the State and National level are as follows:

  • Secondary (high school 9-12 grade) $22
  • Associate (high school-special designations-read attachment for more information) $20
  • Middle Level (6-8 grade) $16

Membership Registration Website

RLC Information


January 27, 2024

RLC Fee- $25.00

Late fee- $30.00

Student Boxed Lunch- $8.00

Includes- Sandwich, chips, dessert & drink

Every Secondary Chapter may have 2 members in the same chapter sign up (instead of just 1) for the same contest, including team events.

The Associate and Middle Level chapters are still just 1 person per event.

From RLC to SLC

Qualifiers:  Five (5) qualifiers will advance from RLC to SLC in non-judged events. Also, the top three (3) Administrative Support Teams will advance from RLC to SLC. Judged events will remain the same - (2) qualifiers will advance from RLC to SLC in both individual and team events.
State Leadership Conference
2024 State Leadership Conference–February 28-March 2, 2024–Corpus Christi, Texas
Please submit this change to your Business office for Texas BPA.
Note: this address will be used for the State Leadership Conference. The Updated W-9 can be found in the SLC folder and will be in the PreCon book as well.
○ Business Professionals of America, Texas Association
c/o Diane Koonce
P.O. Box 64
Hardin, Texas 77561