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The Torch Awards Online System is the exclusive system used to build and evaluate resumes in BPA’s Torch Award program. For a participating student, or for an advisor or State Advisor, a good understanding of the Torch Awards Online System is critical to the success of the Torch Awards program for everyone involved.

To log into the system, a user selects whether to log in as a student, advisor, Chapter Reviewer, State Advisor, or State Helper. The user must enter a username and password. All users can log in from .

  1. Students: Your username is your Member ID, in the form ########. The dashes are required. Your Member ID can be found by your advisor or local reviewer. You password is set up by your advisor when he/she registers members at the beginning of the year.

  2. Local Advisors: Your username and password are the same as that used to access the Membership Registration System.

  3. Local Reviewer: Your login information is the same as the information used to log in as a student. However, be sure to select Chapter Reviewer from the drop-down menu.

  4. State Advisor: Your username and password are the same as that used to access the State Administrative Online System.

  5. State Advisor Helper: Use the username and password your State Advisor created for you.

Important: Don’t forget to use the drop-down box to select the appropriate login role. Selecting the wrong role will result in an Invalid Login error.

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