Volunteer and Internship Programs

Get involved with our National Leadership Conference

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Volunteer and Internship Programs

Get involved with our National Leadership Conference

Learn more!

You Can Help Make NLC a Huge Success!

Volunteers drive the success behind Business Professionals of America, and we would not accomplish a fraction of the good work that is done without them. Volunteers are especially important to the success of our National Leadership Conference.

For many years, students who attend the National Leadership Conference have an opportunity to sign up as a conference volunteer and intern. These experiences have been available in several areas and have offered upwards of 400 students a chance to participate annually.

Advisors who attend the National Leadership Conference have an opportunity to participate as volunteers as well.

To ensure all involved with the NLC Volunteer and Internship Program have a positive and worthwhile experience, planning ahead is critical to success.

Purpose of the NLC Volunteer Program

For the students:

The student volunteer program offers benefits to our organization, to the students, and in some cases, to the community. Volunteer opportunities are a way to develop skills and apply the knowledge learned in coursework. Students also benefit from the real world and professional experience that can be gained, which contributes to a student being more competitive when seeking employment after graduation.

Student Volunteer Opportunities

For the advisors:

Advisor volunteers obtain and provide benefits which may include:

  • Overall financial savings to the full membership by keeping conference registration low
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Stronger engagement and involvement that leads to becoming further invested in BPA
Advisor Volunteer Opportunities

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Explore the many options available to students to volunteer at this year’s NLC. Your commitment to BPA’s continued excellence helps us create a memorable experience for everyone involved!

Register Your Students Today!

Register Your Students Today!

Advisors can register students for the NLC Volunteer Program while registering their students online for NLC: register.bpa.org.

Approval in the NLC Volunteer program is granted by the local advisor and confirmed by selecting a volunteer event and submitting the online conference registration. No other approval is required.

Please contact us for additional information or questions.

Questions? Contact us today!

NLC Internship Programs

Purpose of the NLC Internship Program

For students, internships traditionally offer or assist in career development by providing real work experiences that presents students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop professional skills and competencies. Volunteerism is about serving in an area of need. Like internships, volunteering offers skill development, but on a much broader scope.

The internship experiences available during the National Leadership Conference will provide hands-on learning and mentorship, a behind-the-scenes experience of what is involved with key components of the conference, and a career exploration opportunity that few students have the ability to experience at an early stage of planning for their future.

Each NLC intern will be matched with a BPA Alumni for mentorship, on-site training and real-world learning experiences throughout the conference.

All BPA NLC Interns will be required to attend an informational webinar and an onsite Orientation Session to meet with the alumni mentors as well as understand their role at NLC. Dates and times to be announced.

Local Advisor approval/sign-off is required for all NLC Internships.

All applications will be reviewed and finalists will be selected after NLC registration and local advisor approval are confirmed. Student applicants not selected for an NLC Internship will be assigned to an NLC Volunteer opportunity at the conference.

NOTE: Students that apply for but are not selected to be a part of the NLC Internship program will be assigned to an NLC Volunteer program initiative.

NLC Intern Job Descriptions

Online Application Now Open!

We are excited to once again offer this experience for the National Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX May 4-8, 2022.

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 25, 2022 at 11:59 pm ET.

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