Virtual Competitions
& NLC National Showcase

Compete from anywhere!

Virtual Competitions
& NLC National Showcase

Compete from anywhere!

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What Are Virtual Competitions?

Virtual Competitions are available at the National level only and are open to all BPA student members. There are no regional or state competitions to qualify. The purpose of the national virtual events is to support BPA students who want to compete in a national event but are limited in travel due to budget cuts or limited support from their home school.

Members can participate in virtual events either as individuals or as teams. So overall, there are ten events covering various make-ups— Middle Level Individual, Middle Level Team, Secondary Individual, Secondary Team, Post-secondary Individual, and Post-secondary Team. There are no restrictions to the number of teams or individuals from one chapter.

The entries will be judged prior to the National Leadership Conference and the top finalists from each of the qualifying virtual competitions will be invited to the National Leadership Conference to participate in the National Showcase. Except for the National Showcase, all components of the National Virtual Competitions take place online: entries are submitted online and finalists are determined based on those entries.

The National Showcase offers an opportunity for student members to attend the National Leadership Conference and personally demonstrate their amazing skills. The showcase is separate from the individual virtual events and will not affect the results of the overall judged contests and placings.

What Kind of Virtual Competitions does BPA offer?

Virtual Multimedia
and Promotion


Virtual Multimedia
and Promotion








Cybersecurity /
Digital Forensics



Financial Portfolio
Management Team

Virtual Branding Team


NLC National Showcase

Do you have it takes to be the “Best in Show”?

If you placed in the Top 10 of one of the qualifying Virtual Competitions this year, find out by taking the next step and accepting the invitation to include your project in the National Showcase at NLC.

During the National Showcase, you/your team will be scored based on a number of criteria to determine the “Best in Show” in each of the Virtual Competitions.

The qualifying Virtual Competitions are listed below:

  • V01 Virtual Multimedia and Promotion – Individual
  • V02 Virtual Multimedia & Promotion – Team
  • V03 Software Engineering Team
  • V04 Web Application Team
  • V05 Mobile Applications
  • V06 Promotional Photography
  • V07 Cybersecurity/Digital Forensics
  • V08 Start-up Enterprise Team
  • V09 Financial Portfolio Management Team
  • V10 Virtual Branding Team
Details will be sent to each Top 10 Competitor

National Showcase Guidelines

  • Competitor(s)/Team(s) will promote their project through a live, in-person presentation.
  • The competitor(s)/team(s) with the highest score from the National Showcase in each of the Virtual Events will be named the “Best in Show” for that event and recognized during the National Showcase.
  • Please remember, this is separate from the individual virtual events and will not affect the results of the overall judged contests.
  • It is possible that an entry could place first in the judging component event and not be considered “Best of Show.”
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